Tuesday, May 22, 2018

To My Daughter On Her 13th Birthday

My Phi,

Happy 13th Birthday My Lovey.

I know how excited you are to be turning 13 and becoming a real life teenager. And you should be excited. It's a really big deal. I remember how different 13 feels. It's such an exciting, confusing and scary time. I remember thinking how no one could possibly understand what my life was like or how it felt to be me. I am going to admit it here, being you at 13 is a lot different than being me at 13. There are things that are a reality for you that I never even thought about as a 13 year old. My biggest worry when it came to school was embarrassing myself by tripping with my cafeteria tray. Your biggest worry is school shootings. As a parent it is so hard to drop you guys off some days, I can't even begin to image what it's like to be a student. Even with such big things to worry about I know that the usual 13 year old fears are there too because some things never change.

It's hard to believe that I am the parent of a teenager. As our oldest kid everything we go through with you is our first time around. You have been such an easy first child. You have always been smart, funny, creative, and kind. You make your Dad and I look like amazing parents, but really a big part of it is just you. As your life starts to get a little more complicated I pray that your continue to be easy to raise. Just know that I am always here for you. I always want to know what is going on in your life and in your mind. I will always want to know what music you are into. I will always want to read what you have written or see what you have drawn. But what I really want you to always remember is that I love you unconditionally. That means that there is nothing you can do that will make me stop loving you. Absolutely nothing. I hope that if you know this, you will always be willing to come to me with any issue that may come up in your life.

And don't forget that your Tia's, Nina's and Nana are always there for you too. We are here if you need advice, or just someone to listen.

I love you so much Phi. You are still my Super Duper Kiddo and I am very proud of the person you are becoming.



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