Punk Rock Parents

Friday, July 14, 2017

Dinner at the Madonna Inn

For the last part of our trip we did one more thing we had never done before. And it was something that I had always wanted to do.

In San Luis Obispo, Ca there is a kooky wacky awesome hotel called The Madonna Inn. For over 50 years this hotel has been renting out over 100 themed rooms.

We have yet to stay there, but over the years we have visited the place just for it's coolness. My Mom loves the pink champagne cake and Joey loves to pee in the rock waterfall urinal.

On our way back from Morro Bay we stopped by and wandering through the Secret Garden.

Where Louie could let off some steam.

And of course I could take some selfies.

We wandered the garden waiting for our reservations for dinner at the Alex Madonna's Gold Rush Steak House. And amazing explosion of pink and good food!

We were all so excited to eat here! They set us up at a gorgeous table with fancy glasses. They brought pink balloons for all of them.

We had an amazing meal and after they brought 3 giant slices of pink champagne cake. So yummy.

It was the perfect end to another amazing birthday trip.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Morro Bay for the 2nd Year in a Row

After a wonderful day exploring Hearst Castle, we checked into our hotel. With Morro Bay being a pretty small town, we were able to walk everywhere from our hotel room. Our first night we let Louie pick the restaurant. we ended up at ....

Because of course we did. The next day we ate breakfast at the hotel and we had a whole Saturday ahead of us. We went out to explore the town.

We found a pirate near the boats, then saw him again at the Farmers Market.

The day was spent looking through shops and enjoying some seriously good food. The clam chowder at Ju Ju's on the Bay was amazing.

After a BBQ dinner and a trip to the grocery store for dessert we got a good nights sleep and the next day we checked out of our hotel and headed out for a bay cruise.

And of course, the whole reason the kids want to come to Morro Bay is to visit the sea otters.

When Louie spots these guys up close, it looks a lot like this....


But look at these faces...

And check out the teeth on this guy!

Before we started our trek back South we drove up Black Hill to get a spectacular view of Morro Bay

It was a relaxing and fun couple of days. The girls did great with all the walking and were even adventures when it came to trying new food. Phi learned she likes scallops.

Then we were back in the Cruiser and headed to one last birthday experience!!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hearst Castle- Our Somewhere We Have Never Been 2017

Last year we decided that instead of birthday parties for Joey and the girls we would take a trip somewhere. The catch is that we had to go somewhere we had never been before. Last year we went to Morro Bay and Monterey. This year when we started to plan the trip I suggested Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon and San Francisco. But nope, they wanted to go back to Morro Bay. But we still had to go some place we had never been before. Phi mentioned she would like to see Hearst Castle. 

I was thrilled. I have always wanted to take the girls but I thought that would not enjoy it until they were a bit older. But they insisted, so we booked a tour for the long weekend that we were going to be in Morro Bay.  

So a quick background, Hearst Castle was built, 5 miles up on a hill in San Simeon, Ca by newspaper billionaire William Randolf Hearst. He inherited the land from his parents and decided to build a little place. His little place is 3 grand guest house. These bad Larry's have like 15 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. And then there is the "Casa Grande". The main house that is really more a castle than a house. Our tour was in the "Casa Grande". 

When we got to the top of the hill it was mega foggy. 

After we took the tour we walked back outside to see the fog had lifted and we had perfect California coast weather. I am going to apologize now for the grainy pics. I set my F-stop to 1600 when we were inside the castle, but forget to set it back when we got out into the sunshine. 

After the tour we got to walk the grounds for as long as we wanted. It was awesome. We must have walked around the entire grounds twice.

These view.........

J, strolling and living the castle life.

So I was worried about the girls not enjoying Hearst Castle but I didn't need to worry. They loved it. Phi was absolutely in love with everything about it. She could not get over how gorgeous everything was. How much detail went into every single space of the property.

Guys, Phi is almost as tall as me. WTH???

Another beautiful view with my beautiful girls.

I could not put my camera down. You can check out our slideshow from our day at the castle. 

Thanks for having us Hearst! 

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Chone Graduates

There must have been close to 400 kids on the football field. But for us we just saw the one. Our shining star. Our Chone graduated from high school. We sat in the stands of the same football field where I graduated, where my sister Cari graduated, where my little sister Elaine graduated, and where in 7 years Lili and Felix will graduate.

We looked for the girl with no hair coming out of her cap with bright turquoise shoes. The shoes really helped us find her. She walked onto the field greeted by the staff that taught her for 4 years.

6th row, sitting right next to her cousin Rachel. How awesome to not only graduate with your cousin, but to sit right next to her during the ceremony. We had given Chone a heads up as to where we were going to sit. At the top of the bleachers under the "EE". She looked and found us and gave us a wave.

Chone has a lot on her shoulders. She is the oldest and has 6 siblings. Not only does she have those 6 looking up to her, my girls think she hung the moon. And of course these is little Ellie, who waved and cheered for her big cousin.

The ceremony wasn't too long and before we knew it she was walking up to get her diploma.

I can remember volunteering in Chone's pre-school class. I remember going to art shows and science fairs in elementary school. I remember band performances and her junior high graduation and going to her school plays during high school. She excelled at everything she has done. Years of school for this moment. These 20 seconds where they called her full name and we all jumped up and yelled for her.

I am so proud of her and everything she accomplished. She did not just coast thorough school. She took on theater, orchestra, and even youth and government.

And how proud I am of my sister and Marco for guiding and parenting this exceptional kid.

My parents got to see their first grandchild graduate. We figure they will be attending Ellie's graduation in 2034. I feel that Chone was just a baby so 2034 is right around the corner.

Chone, the world is yours. I am excited to follow along with you as you start college this fall. You are going to love it and we are going to miss you like crazy. I am always only a phone call away. I will come if you ever need me.