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Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Friday, October 26, 2018

Bass Lake 2018

The whole family packed up in July and headed out to our favorite place on earth. We had an awesome lake front house for a week and to make it more special my Nana came with us! She spent her days relaxing on the patio while the kids (and Joey!) spent the time running around and off as many surfaces into the water as they could. 

The annual talent show was awesome. Mom, Pops and Nana took home the trophy! We had a lot of yummy (mostly restaurant!) dinners. There was a pretty bad fire near by all week that even forced us inside one day. We went to pizza and watched Hotel Transylvania 3. It was Ellie's first movie theater experience and she did awesome. We even hit up a brewery.

This year was all about relaxing and it was absolutely amazing. 

I have the pictures to prove it. 

I can't wait until next summer. 

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Grand AF

As soon as school let out it was time for the annual birthday trip. The rules of the birthday trip is that it has to be somewhere we have never been before. So this year we headed to Arizona for a trip to the Grand Canyon. After a family wedding in Kingman and a stop at Bedrock we bunked down in Williams and took the drive up to the canyon.

Of course I knew about the canyon. I had seem people's pictures on social media, on TV and movies but none of it could prepare me.

We parked near a visitor center and took a short walk and all of a sudden we caught our first glimpse.

It was mind blowing.

My head could not comprehend what I was seeing. It was way to grand and way to beautiful. It was like my brain couldn't believe that it was real.

I kept thinking...... It looks like a Disneyland backdrop.

We spent the day taking the free tram to different view points.

Pictures can't do it justice. I took like a million anyway.

Here are the highlights.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Dabba-Do Time

This year's annual birthday trip took us to Arizona to visit the Grand Canyon. We stayed in Williams, AZ and on the way to the canyon we made a pit stop at a place that I didn't think really existed.

Bedrock City

And yes I mean like Fred, Wilma, Betty and Barney, Bedrock City!

Even the kids were there...


This place was as cheesy as I hoped it would be. Really it was everything I hoped it would be.

I have a feeling these would be their exact faces if they ever were arrested.

Joey took the rap for Phi.

Louie really needed to learn a lesson.

You can explore the Flintstones's and Rubble's houses. Or the market, beauty salon, post office, and even school.

You can "drive" a cool vehicle just like Fred does. 

Or slide down the back of a dinosaur just like Fred does!

Then we hooked up our pre-historic trailer and headed to the Grand Canyon.