Punk Rock Parents: Salton Sea Road Side Pit Stop

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Salton Sea Road Side Pit Stop

My initial Mother's Day plan was to do as little as humanly possible. But then after eating a delicious breakfast made by my insanely handsome husband he asked me if I wanted to head out adventuring and cross off something from our 2018 bucket list. I couldn't resist and adventure with my 3 people. So we grabbed waters, snacks and jumped in the Land Cruiser.

On our way to our ultimate destination we made a stop at the Salton Sea Visitors Center. We have been to the Salton Sea before but never to this part.

So some fun facts....

  • The Salton Sea is not a sea despite its mega saltiness. It is legit 25% salty than the ocean 
  • It is actually the largest lake in California at 375 square miles. 
  • Water can't run out of the Salton Sea so it just kinda sits there hence the algae and smell issues.
  • A lot of the "sand" on the shore is really barnacles. 

  • Despite the fact that the Salton Sea was completely empty of people on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon, you can fish and boat there. 
  • Because of the mega saltiness and the low altitude (it's over 200 feet BELOW sea level) boats can go faster than normal. 

  • There is a fantastic documentary about the Salton Sea called Plagues and Pleasures of the Salton Sea and it is narrated by none other than John Waters. Yes that little mustache dude!

  • Dead fish are super common to see on the shores. 

It's such a shame that the water is just not suitable for swimming and quite frankly it doesn't smell to pleasant out there. This was once a great water sport destination and would be awesome to see if resurrect itself .

But Joey, the girls and I had a great time exploring.

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