Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bucket List 2018- Salvation Mountain

For Mother's Day we went out to cross off an item from our 2018 Family Bucket List. I have always wanted to see the amazingness that is Salvation Mountain.

This giant man-made tribute to God is the work of the late Leonard Knight. He spent years creating this art masterpiece.

This place was more magnificent than I imagined.

What I love most about these adventures is that my kids always complain about going and then they get there and I see their eyes light up.

And you best believe we climbed to the top! There is a yellow pathway that you can walk. But with the layers and layers of paint take good shoes because its slippery.

Can you spot me and the girls?

Salvation Mountain is in Niland, Ca and about 30 minutes from the Salton Sea. It's in the middle of almost nothing. We picked a good time to go, this area gets mega hot in the summer time.

Yes that is Phi dabbing on the top of Salvation Mountain.

Look at those faces....

The view from the top...

Me and my Louie....

The section to the right you can walk through. It is the closest I have even been to being in a Dr. Seuss book.

Every where you look there is a new little detail to see.

It's liking walking through a magical unicorn forest.

Me and my main man.

Even around the mountain there were vehicles that had been turned into art.

How is the youngest the most bad-ass of the family?

Salvation Mountain was a very cool thing to see. I am so happy this is where we spent Mother's Day! 

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