Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Worst Christmas Tree Ever...

When the kids were little we were able to get away with a little 5 foot fake tree that we had got on sale for like $15 in 2003. But about 5 years ago Phi wanted a big tree, a fuller tree, a real tree. So since then we have been getting an annual real Christmas tree. Because apparently the kids run this show. And I have really liked it. I love the lights on a big tree, the glow it gives the house and the pine smell!

Every year we head to Home Depot and find our perfect tree. This year Joey and the girls went to Home Depot after school while I was at work. The picked our tree without me. And this tree has been the absolute worst tree we ever had. 


First it would not stand up straight. And we tried everything. Joey used pieces of wood, string, and even tie downs. All those things and it still would not stand up straight. The trunk itself is curved.

Second it dried out in like 2 days. It would not soak up water. Like at all. A few days in and it wasn't as green and needles were falling like crazy. We are now a few weeks in and the branches are drooping and the needles are so dry they just break off. 

Third, Elwood seems to have issues with the tree this year. Last year he left it and the presents alone. This year he has managed to eat about 3 ornaments and then one day we came home to find that he bit off the cord to the lights. Like completely off. 

We now have to put the cord up and tuck it high into the tree. AND we have to put the dining room chairs around the tree so Elwood won't get to it. 

So we have a crooked dried out droopy tree that we have to guard before we leave the house.

Those fake trees are looking better and better everyday.  

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