Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas from us to you...

by my talented Phi! 

Oh 2017 where did you go? Just in case you don’t follow us on social media, (but seriously why don’t you follow us?) here are some highlights of our year…
  • We rang in 2017 in Atascadero with the family and witnessed Mariah Carey totally have a meltdown on stage. Seriously the kids are STILL talking about it.
  • We hit up Chinatown in LA for the first time. Which is totally crazy because it’s literally across the street from Olvera Street and we go there ALL THE TIME.
  • Our picture from when we adopted Elwood made it on the KTLA news for about 2.5 seconds. Now we all know how the Kardashians feel being so famous.
  • We hit up so many art walks and art museums this year. We go in hopes of finding a new piece and also to help inspire the kids but now we have the outrageous idea to open our own gallery.
  • We overdosed on the Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen soundtracks. I am completely surprised Joey didn’t pack his bags and leave us. He is not a fan of the musicals.
  • For a quick second the girls got into baseball and we clocked in some hours at the batting cages. But like with most things with us, our interest faded quickly.
  • We took many day trips to San Diego. And Joey and I took one epic weekend trip out there without the ball (Phi) and chain (Louie).
  • Louie made the most badass book report to ever be made on a book about a bear with a beard. It’s called Bearded and it’s on our YouTube channel. (Shameless plug!)
  • We watched our niece Chone graduate from high school and we cried because we are so proud of her, and then we cried because we are getting so old.
  • We celebrated Sea Otter Awareness Week because apparently Louie runs our lives.
  • This year’s big birthday trip had us back in Morro Bay to visit the sea otters (I wasn’t joking Louie runs this ship). We also visited Hearst Castle and The Madonna Inn.
  • Bass Lake was amazeballs as always. It was the Gomez Fam’s 30th year going and we had a blast even though we totally got robbed for the talent show trophy.
  • We spent so much more time outdoors this year thanks to Elwood. Dang dogs and them wanting walks. What’s up with that?
  • The girls have taken an interest that is now a borderline obsession with a boy band called Why Don’t We and talk non-stop about them. Joey and Elissa are slowly going insane. Nice move Karma, nice move. #NKOTBForever
  • Joey has taken a big interest in craft beers and has dragged us to many, many breweries. Elissa is loving it and the girls are getting really good at bar games like darts and pinball.
  • Louie turned 7 and started 2nd grade in an all-day school, to our complete surprise she is doing really well in everything but spelling. Hey, she can’t be everything to everyone.
  • Phi turned 12 and started 7th grade. Our star student continues to earn perfect grades and her drawing has gone to a whole other level. We tend to stand around and stare at her waiting for the terrible teen attitude to kick in. So far we have only seen short glimpses.
  • Elissa turned 40 this year. Please don’t mention this to her as she is very sensitive about this milestone.  She has successfully completed her 75 book reading challenge for the year (NERD!) and has successfully annoyed both her husband and children by only listening to New Found Glory songs for the last 6 months.
Wishing you and yours an extraordinary 2018!
The Lerma’s
Joey, Elissa, Sophia, Louie and Elwood

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