Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#32 Graduates College

I have mentioned it here maybe or twice but I come from a very big family. My mom's side at last count was 104 people. 104!!! This is 4 generations. In my generation, "the grandkids" there are 32 of us. This past Saturday #32 graduated from college. 

#32 is our baby. Selina (yes she is named after Selena) graduated from CSUCI with honors. She is such a smart cookie and will continue on to earn her teaching credentials. The familia is so proud of Selina. When she asked me to take some pictures I jumped at the chance. We set up a date to shoot on the Limoneira Ranch, where our family started. We got lucky with a gorgeous day. 

This picture was a tribute to our Tata. My goodness did that man love Selina. For as long as I can remember my Tata worked on a forklift moving crates of lemons. Our Tata wanted us all to get a good education. He loved to learn and he worked hard to give his kids and grandkids opportunities he never got to have. I know his Selina has made him so proud.

Congratulations Sel! We love you!

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