Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hey Batter.....

Another big change for Phi moving to an everyday school from home school was PE. For years a walk through Art Walk was considered PE. My kids have never played any kind of organized sport. They just have never had any interest and maybe J and I should have pushed them, but we never did.

Throughout this school year Phi's PE class has played dodge ball, volleyball, basketball, capture the flag, pickle ball, lacrosse, and even kick ball. She tolerated some, and hated most. And then at the end of the year they did a few weeks of softball. And she loved it. Well she loved the hitting part anyways.

Imagine our complete shock when Phi asked us to take her to the batting cages. After we picked ourselves up off the floor we started looking for local batting cages. The next weekend we headed out to some indoor batting cages. We rented a cage? box? Not sure what they are called. Grabbed a bucket of balls, borrowed a bat and batting helmet (because of course we don't own any of those things!). Then Joey pitched balls to the girls for 30 minutes.

I thought that this would get it out of their system. I thought Phi would find something about it that was boring or scary. Instead they both loved it and asked and asked for us to go again. And the next time Phi wanted to hit from the pitching machine. Apparently her Poppa is no Fernando Valenzuela. Yes I realize her retired about 20 years ago but that is the only pitcher I am 100% sure was a pitcher.

So we went again. And Phi did really well. Even Louie was hitting some off the tee. Then we were at a store looking at bats and gloves. And the girls keep asking when we are going to go again. I have no idea if this will lead either of them playing on a actual team. But J and I spent a lunch imagining Phi as the top USA college softball player and traveling around to watch her play. 

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