Monday, May 22, 2017

12 and 44


How in the world can you be 12 years old today? Lately I have noticed that you are almost as tall as me. It's so weird. I swear you were just as tall as my waist a few days ago. This is it, your last year of being a kid, next year you become a real live teenager. You are growing up and Poppa and I are so proud of you and how well you have adjusted to all day school. You have made some great friends. You have worked hard at your artistic skills and your drawings are really spectacular. I love how you come home from school and tell me all about your day. I hope that you always talk to me. I hope that you know that I always want to hear what's going on in your life. Nothing is more important to me. I am so proud to be your Mom. I hope your 12th year is amazing! I can't wait for our birthday trip!

Happy 44th Birthday Babe!  I met you when you were a young 30 year old and here we are 14 years later. We have been on so many adventures together. When we added the 2 rugrats to the mix we just brought them along for the ride. You are my heart. There is no one else in this whole world who I want to be around 24/7. I love the life we have created, filled with family, art and fun. I hope your 44th year brings you happiness and fulfillment. P.S. I love you...forever and today. 

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