Monday, January 30, 2017


We decided to spend a Saturday afternoon in Chinatown. There were a few art galleries we really wanted to check out. We did not realize that because Chinatown is really close to City Hall and the Women's March was happening that day, most of the galleries were closed.

It was not a wasted day, since the girls and I had never walked around Chinatown before. Since it was a week before Chinese New Year it was decorated so pretty.

These rubber plants always remind me of my Nana and Tata's yard.

We did manage to find a few galleries open and was able to see some really amazing pieces by Patrick Martinez. Some made of plaster and some in neon.

Just the store windows and signs were pretty spectacular!

Did I mention we were there during the Women's March. Signs everywhere. It was very cool for the girls to see democracy in action.

So we noticed that there were a few signs with Louie in the name. We are still wondering why. Is Louie a common Chinese name? Either way Louie was very excited to see her name so big.

It was such a great afternoon wandering the shops. I think Chinatown is a perfect place to spend an afternoon. Next time we make a day out of it and do Olvera Street and Chinatown. Really get our parking fee worth it!

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