Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sesame Street: Still Teaching Me Things 40 Years Later

A few weeks ago someone asked me if there was a special book from my childhood. I thought of a book immediately. Then they asked if this book helped me learn a life lesson and I immediately thought ...NO.

My favorite book when I was little was..

I loved this book so much because my Mom would read it with the best voices and sound effects. Everytime I read this book to my kids I can hear my Mom's voice and funny sounds. I loved her reading this book to me so much that she even tape recorded herself one time so that I could listen to it whenever I want.

I know, my Mom is like the best Mom ever in life.

After reminiscing about the book I thought about the second question... did this book help teach a life lesson.

I read the book again and holy s*!t guys! This book has a pretty deep lesson.

See in this story Grover is afraid of getting to the end of the book because as the title tells him, there is a monster there. He spends the whole book trying to get the reader to not move forward.

Grover is scared to move forward. He is afraid of what is coming next.

So what if you stay put, exactly where you are because you were scared of what might be next. People do this all the time right?

But as the reader we force Grover to move forward. And he freaks out and puts so much effort into not moving forward. I mean he even builds a brick wall! 

And as all Sesame Street kids know, Grover does get to the end of the book. And there was a monster there. 

 It was freakin' him! 

Man Sesame Street was deep yo! Grover was standing in his own way. Afraid to move forward to only discover that he was afraid of himself. That at the end the efforts to move forward were useless and there was nothing to be afraid of. Sometimes a new challenge or change can seem really scary and you hold and and fight it. You are dragged kicking and screaming only to find that at the end is an even better, more lovable, furrier old You. 

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