Sunday, October 09, 2016

It's Nice To See Some Things Are Still Around

When I was a kid there was nothing more exciting then when the Troll book club order forms were passed out. If you grew up in the 80's you probably remember them....

I would spend hours looking at each book cover, reading each description. I would circle all the ones that I wanted. Then I would sit with my Mom and plead my case for each one. I had to defend why I needed the new Garfield comic book, or why I had to have the Full House: Stephanie Tanner Makes a New Friend. And of course I needed that third book so that I could get the free poster of two puppies in basket with flowers. 

My Mom always seemed to give in when it came to books. My deep love of reading comes directly from her, and hers comes from her Dad. So usually I would end up with a few new books from the Troll Book Club. I would fill out the order form and return it with my money to my teacher. Back then my totals came out to just a few dollars. Probably never more than $5! 

So you can imagine how happy I was when I opened Louie's school work folder to find a Scholastic Reader Book Order Form. (Apparently Scholastic bought out Troll years ago). But it was the same newspaper type paper and pages of books. I let Louie look through and circle what she wanted. 

After she carefully went through the form, twice, we sat and looked over what she wanted. She had circled a bunch of books and the prices were not quite like I remember from the 80's. Just for fun, and a lesson on money, we added up everything she circled. It came out to a whooping $134.00! So we obviously had to bring that number down.

After much debate and deliberation we narrowed it down to 3 books. One of them being the new Elephant and Piggie book in hardcover. Louie has been collecting those. We spent a whooping $11! Even though there was an online ordering option, we went old school ad filled out the order form and wrote out a check. I want Louie to have the excitement of turning in her order. And of course the agony of the waiting for your order to arrive. And then of course the complete exhilaration when you see that book order box on your teachers desk! 


  1. Yes!!! Mom always was a sucker for those book orders!!! I hope Ellie brings those home when she is in school

    1. I'm just like Mom. I can't say no to books.


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