Thursday, September 29, 2016

VP Phi

We are almost 2 months into the school year. The excitement of all the newness of everything has worn off. The fun introduction "get to know you" class assignments are done and there have even been a few tests. PE is in full swing and she is playing flag football and running the mile every Friday.

And yet she is still really loving junior high. She is making friends and we are getting all the latest 6th grade gossip every night at dinner. She has had a few playdates. (Are they still called playdates in junior high?) She comes home everyday tired and hungry and happy.

I have adjusted okay. I have only had to email half her teachers about grades and questions about assignments. Thanks to a real-time app on my phone I see her grades all day. I have to tell you that for a Mom like me this was really stressful at first. But over the weeks I have mellowed out and she is maintaining all A's at this point. She is doing really well.

Not only has she adjusted well, but you can now call her VP Phi.

Yup she ran (unopposed) for 6th grade vice-president. She attends class council meetings on Thursday's during lunch. Thanks to her years of Girl Scouts and watching her Mom be a troop leader made her want to take a leadership role at school.

I am so proud of my blue-haired junior high schooler.

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