Monday, October 10, 2016

Dirt Road Diary: Giant Rock Was Calling Us And Didn't Want To Let Us Leave

Last week Louie stopped me in the kitchen and said "Mom, I need to go to Giant Rock". I was not shocked by this. I asked her if it had been calling her. She nodded and I told her that I had been feeling it calling me too. This place is a center of energy and vibrations of the world. It was considered a holy place and also a magnet for UFO's. So on Saturday we wanted to get a good outdoor adventure. The plan was to drive towards Joshua Tree, make a stop at Giant Rock and then head into Joshua Tree National Park, explore a little and settle in for some star gazing. 

Star gazing in Joshua Tree is on my bucket list. 

So we headed out late morning, we packed a small cooler with waters and snacks and hit the road. This was our first off-road adventure in "new-to-us" Landcruiser. We drove into Landers, Ca, passed the Integretron (a sound bath from there is also on my bucket list) and drove about 3 miles off road towards Giant Rock. 

The road is sand and smooth and I love when you take that last turn and Giant rock comes into view. 

This is the 3rd of 4th trip to Giant Rock. You can read more about it and why it's important on this blog post. Super interesting history.

Just a huge granite rock. The biggest in the world at 7 stories high.

When we got there Louie and I walked around a bit until we found the perfect spot to share it's energy. We were recharging. 

 The weather was perfect. Blue skies and 80 degree weather.

Louie took this picture for us. She's getting pretty good.

While we were there bikers kept driving in. It looked like there was going to be a raging party at Giant Rock.

Even big bad bikers pose their bikes and taking photos, no doubt for their Instagram page.

The girls are not always stoked when we tell them we are heading off-road. But when we get there they also have such  good time. Running through the desert.

A few more pictures of Giant Rock. Kids for scale. Yup the kids are in the picture!

We were so excited to take the "new-to-us" Landcruiser on a trip. We got ready to head out and drive to Joshua Tree. We got a few feet and the car just stopped. And wouldn't turn back on. A truck with 2 guys stopped and gave us a jump. The car started up and we started heading towards the road. We got a few feet and the car sputtered and shut down again. 

This people is my nightmare. Now you are never suppose to go off-road alone. But since this was just 3 miles off road we didn't think much of it. As Joey worked under the hood I tried not to panic. Of course inside I was freaking out. We had water and a few snacks but what if we were stuck there for hours. Was Joey going to have to walk to the Integretron for help and leave me and the kids alone in the desert? Who was the closest person who could come get us? What if we were there when it got dark? What if I have to pee?????

 Of course I was calm, cool and collected in front of the kids. We down played the issue and they even started to write a song about it....

Someone came and jumped started us
We drove 2 feet in front of us
And then we broke 

Joey made a call to AAA and thank goodness they serviced off road! We had to wait for someone that could fit all 4 of us in the truck. We probably waited about an hour. The sun was starting to get lower and was hitting me and Louie so we grabbed Poppa's moving blanket and made shade for Louie. The kids drew and had some snacks and thank goodness no one had to go to the bathroom. 

The AAA tow truck arrived and we were so happy to see him. He even looked like Cousin Danny. They loaded up the Cruiser and we all hopped into the rig. 

The kids were very excited to be riding in a real rig. We took the awkwardly quite hour ride home where the driver didn't say much and played some decent classic rock music.

So once again we did not make it to Joshua Tree. I have been wanting to go since May. The day did not end up like we planned but we had a pretty crazy adventure that the kids won't stop talking about.

Oh and for all you car people. It was the alternator. 

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