Tuesday, August 02, 2016

How Many People Does it Take to Paint an Entire House? 15 apparently.

Who could make us drive for 5 hours each way to spend two days painting a house and moving from one town to another? The baby of the family that's who.

Last weekend Elaine and Kelly moved into their first, we own the place, home. As you can imagine it is super exciting. So the family headed up to San Luis Obispo early on Saturday morning, packed up our cars and headed to Atascadero.

The new place is so cute and is a perfect home for Kel, Elaine, The El's, Dexter and Buster. The only thing was that almost every wall was a light lime green color. Like everywhere you looked it was green. The kitchen, the hallway, the dining room, the living room, every single bedroom. I don't think my sister has hated a color more. Earlier in the week Kelly's awesome parents had prepped the entire house for painting. They probably never want to see painters tape every again. And this is where we come in.

We started with a pow-wow in the living room...

The paint was poured. Natural linen for the downstairs. We grabbed our brushes and rollers and got right to work.

And by we I mean all of us.

And the kids too. I mean that's why we had these kids right?

This one eventually ended up with paint on her legs and at some point leaned against a wall.

After tackling the downstairs. Joey and I did the dining room and kitchen. We moved upstairs. More snatural linen for the hallways. Cari and Luis took a can of white truffle and went to work in the master bedroom.

While Joey and I painted Ellie's room. natural linen for 3 walls and a pinkish coral for one wall.

Of course there were hot dog and pizza breaks one day. Taco and burrito breaks the second day.

Moving in the middle of summer makes for very hot days. After day one we were all beat. Mom and Pops went home to sleep while the rest of us painted one more room. The master bathroom we painted in sea salt while listening to 90's alternative. By the time we were finished we were all exhausted. We took a trip to a near by fast food place and fed everyone. We headed back to the new house. set up air mattresses and took showers with no shower curtains. I totally forgot to pack blankets so I spent a very cold night sleeping in Ellie's room.

Day 2 was all about moving everything from the old place and painting baseboards.

Of course we were paid in food and beer.

And of course we all got to take turns loving on The El's.

2 days of painting, sore muscles and 10 hours on the road. I would do that and then some for my family. I mean look at this face. I would do anything for this face.

Kelly, Ellie and Elaine, we are so happy for you guys! The house is awesome and we have already made some great memories there. Keep that guest room ready for us. We are planning a visit very soon! 


  1. 🙌🏽🙌🏽 We could never thank y'all enough!! It was amazing all the work that got done! And to have all of my family under our roof is a memory I'll never forget. Thank you.

  2. Heather3:14 PM

    That must've been really fun! Exhausting but fun.


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