Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We want our August back.

10 weeks. That's all my kids go for summer vacation this year. And as I start adding school orientation and school clothes shopping into my planner I feel like we are getting ripped off. Big time. I mean what happened to August? My kids start school on August 9th. THE 9TH!

I remember August being the month of summer when you finally got bored. When the days seemed so long and you thought the heat would never end. When you got tired of watching the same movie (Little Shop of Horrors for me) over and over again. Your annual summer vacation was behind you and the conversations with BFF on the phone start turning to the new school year. Those last few weeks of August are there to make you ready for school to start.

With just 10 weeks off we feel like we just got into the summer groove. We just got used to lazy mornings and late nights. We just started movie marathons and even went on our annual summer trip earlier than usual. We are not bored yet. Not even close. There was still so much we wanted to do but instead we are shopping for pens and backpacks and waking up earlier everyday to get our bodies use to it. (spoiler alert: they never get used to it!)

The idea of getting Phi to school by 8 am already has me exhausted. And I know Joey is not looking forward to getting Louie out of bed and getting her ready for class even if its only once a week. And back to homework and homeschool. Back to not just keeping track of my stuff but all the kids assignments as well.

What happened to the good old days when school started the day after labor day?

We want out August back!


  1. I feel you, but mainly because I wanted more help from my mom the year after Xavi was born. Since he came in early August, she only had a few days before her school year started and she went back to work. I think that was the first year her school district made the change. It didn't seem fair despite getting a ton of help from her before baby arrived.

    Schools start after Labor Day in NY so our summer calendar feels like the summer I grew up with. However, back to school stuff is already out in stores and my summer ends early since the university starts late August rather than late September like UCLA. Womp womp.

    1. When do kids get out of school in NY?


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