Wednesday, July 20, 2016

An Added Bonus...

Louie and our CEO Jessica= BFF's
I am not a stay-at-home Mom, I am not a work from home Mom. Instead I have always labeled myself as a "Mom from Work Mom." 

What does that mean?

Well I have a very unique situation. I work for an exceptional employer who believes that children should be with their parents, even at the office. Both girls have grown-up in my office. When they were babies I had a pack and play in my office, a bouncer on the edge of my office doorway. Sometimes when I was on the phone with a client I was nursing a kid. There were times when they would literally nap on my desk.The girls are still here every afternoon with me. There is still a box of kids movies and a toy box here. Even now there is a small table with art supplies. The fact that I never had to put my girls in child care is a blessing that we will always be so thankful for.

The other day I realized another big bonus with having the girls in the office all these years. See I work for a company that has really worked hard to grow over the last few years. We purchased a competitor, we even applied for, was approved for and started a 30 student internship program. Now here is the bonus for my girls, this company is 100% owned and run by women. They are not just seeing their Momma solve problems, learn new skills and just work hard in general, but they are seeing our owner and her success. They can see how her hard work all these years has allowed her to work less and enjoy life more. They got to see how our CEO went from a consultant to running the show by working her tail off.

To my girls, powerful, successful women are going to be the norm for them. They won't assume that the owner of a company is a man, like 95% of telemarketers who call here do. They will grow-up to know that they can own and run successful companies because they literally grew up in the middle of one.  

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