Thursday, February 18, 2016


Phi is now 10 going on 16. The kid hit her pre-teens and the eyerolls and attitude is in full effect. Louie is 5 and still at a sweet age where she loves to be with us. I can remember when this age gap was rough for me and my youngest sister. I found he annoying and I was too cool to hang out with her. I was worried that my girls would go through this same phase. Most of the time Louie is in the playroom playing with Calico Critters and Sophia has her head buried in a book or drawing a picture.

The other morning Louie showed me this picture.

The girls sleep in a bunk bed and at night they pass a piece of paper to each other and draw notes to each other. Phi loves to draw and Louie wants so badly to get better at it.  I think this is so sweet and a nice way for the girls to share a common hobby.

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