Monday, October 12, 2015

The Reunion

We survived the 20th Reunion weekend. 

One night out filled with lots of booze, food, music, dancing and the best people I know. 

I was one of those kids who loved high school. My school, our class, there was just nothing like it. And 20 years later we proved to still have the love and the pride that we had when we graduated in 1995. 

It was just like a homecoming dance, (but with a lot more alcohol and hotel rooms!) On Saturday I headed over to Sam's house to hang out and get ready. Let me say that she made me a believer in the curling wand! We did our hair, our make-up, and got into the dresses that we spent hours shopping for. There were many text messages sent back and forth before dresses were finalized. 

Then we jumped in the car and headed to the hotel. But first we took a selfie....

We made it the the hotel and met up with Ami (my Boo) and Kim and we started it all off with a bottle of wine. Then it was party time. I admit it, I was a bit nervous about it all.

We met up with the rest of the squad, Angela, Nikki and Amy and walked into the reunion, all together, and all felt right in the world.

There was an open bar and good food. We were able to reconnect with the people who made high school a truly amazing time.

Papi Chulo. 
 And spend some time with people that I love.

And be back with this beauty. It's hard for me to really put into words with it's like being back with the 'girls'. When you grow-up with people there is no need to hide because they know you. That deep down core you. And there is a freedom in that that feels fantastic.

Serious love for my Boo Boo
 Of course social media has allowed a lot of us to stay connected and follow along with each others lives. I have loved watching Marc C. become the amazing man that he is today. We go back to like yearbook camp days. I went to the reunion determined to get a selfie with him. Mission accomplished.

The entire event was put on by a small committee with this man as the leader. If it wasn't for the dedication and commitment that Quan and Angela have for the Class of 95 the reunion would have never happened.

I asked him to take a group shot. He took this selfie instead because of course he did. 

Catching up.  
 Sam and I even got to spend some time with our college roommate Malia. See back at UCSB Malia lived with us. One weekend our high school friend Mike Bingham came to visit. And today Mike and Malia have been married for a long time and have 2 beautiful girls. We made sure that they remembered that it was all because of us. We are still a bit upset that their daughters are not named Cristina and Elissa.

During dinner Sam had an "issue" using a fork and knife and asked me to cut her asparagus. Now for years this BFF of mine would make me amazing meals. So through a whole lot of laughter I cut her veggies for her because that's what best friends do for each other. I am so glad Roscelle captured this moment. It is a great image that represents our relationship.

People talk about #squadgoals and I am pretty sure they are talking about mine. This group of ladies are as different and the same as 6 people can get. There is so much love, brutal honesty and support from them. I am so happy to have these women in my life.

  And everyone looked so amazing.

After the actual reunion we headed to a night club there on the hotel property and when that ended we were not ready to call it a night. Boo, Quan, Thomas, Juan and I partied until 4 am. It was fantastic.

Still raging. 
This was a night for the record books. We had so much fun and it was a fabulous reminder at how amazing my friends are and how much I love to be around them. Even sitting around a table at a cafe at 9 am very very hungover. 

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