Friday, October 09, 2015

20 years. Really?

Tomorrow is my
20th High School reunion.


Sometimes when I think about it, it seems like my high school days just happened. I can remember lunch in the quad, sketching in art history class, MEChA meeting (of course), pep rallies, football games and yearbook deadlines. But if I really think about it and all the things that have happened since June 1995 and October 2015 it seems like it was a lifetime ago.

Over the last week, reunion fever has hit a high. My 'girls' and I have been chatting on social media all about dresses, hair and nails. It has been so fun connecting with these girls again. It feels like Homecoming all over but without the stress of a high school guy as a date. As a group we made the decision to go to the reunion without our significant others. Ladies Night!

High school may have only been 4 years of my life but for those 4 years these girls were there everyday. For the boring things to the exciting things. I thoroughly enjoyed being around them and I cannot wait to spend an evening catching up and just talking and laughing together.

I am excited and even a little bit nervous for the big shin-dig.

20 years. Damn. 


  1. Wow, 20 years?! That's awesome. I love that you and the ladies decided not to bring your "dates". Makes it easier for catching up and sharing a few laughs. Enjoy! Hope tomorrow's event is a success for you all!

  2. Thank you! We have all been looking forward to this for months!


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