Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Roller Skates On

Over the weekend we had a Girl Scout party at a local-ish roller rink. I can't believe that places like this still exist. From the moment I walked in I was transported back to the 80's and to Skating Plus. They even played "Candy Girl" by New Edition!  There were some fun afternoon spent in my tween years with rented skates on and going around and around the rink. Drinking Icees, eating nachos and hoping that the cute boys would ask us to skate the couples skate with them.

The girls were excited to go. This was their first time on skates. Each of our kids also got a "skate mate" which essentially was a walker for the rink. We strapped on the skate's on Louie and she even wore her best 80's outfit.

I took Louie out onto the rink. I was SO nervous. It must have been 20 years since I have been on roller skates. We went one lap around. Me bent over holding onto Louie's skate mate and slowly made our way around. I kept trying to tell Louie to push her foot and roll but she just kept picking up her feet and walking. It took forever. By the time we made our first lap I was sweating.

Then Louie decided that one lap was enough and called it a day. We are now calling her "One Lap Louie".

She spent the rest of the time watching from the sidelines.

Phi was much more confident with her skate mate and was having a great time. Even I eventually started to get more comfortable and started to have fun. For the record I was skate-mate-less.

And then Phi got a bit too confident and took a bad spill onto her back. Thank goodness my friend Jessica was there. She got to Phi right away and as a nurse and just kind human being she sat with her and helped her off the rink. Then she checked her back. One of the rink staff members even brought Phi and Icee to help her feel better.

Phi even drew some great pictures from her roller skating experience.

Just for the record the kid laughing is Louie. All Phi's Girl Scout friends were really sweet and concerned about her. Phi eventually got back onto the rink after her spill. Which was great!

It was such a fun afternoon and I hope we go back again soon. We need to get Poppa out there on some skates!  


  1. Experience on roller skates is very wonderful

  2. Roller skates is a good way to improve the health and it's also fun


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