Friday, August 07, 2015


We wait all year and then the big Bass Lake vacation comes and the next thing I know I have been back at work for a week and I can't believe it's already over and I am writing up a recap and writing down the first day of school in my organizer. 

This year we did 6 days/ 5 nights of camping at the Forks Campground. We were a bit rusty when it came to camping. It really is a lot of work. We did not grocery shop until like day 3 and ate about 4 meals out. We spent our days on the lake and our night at the campsite around the fire. 

We left our house at 5:30am and met up with my parents at the Ranch House Restaurant in Gorman, Ca. The next stop was at Bravo Farms where we met up with the CuCoGo's. We love this rest stop. Lots of cool things to do and see. We know exactly where the restrooms are. 

Tata with his Grandbabies

The only horse we can get Louie on.
 After a few more hours on the road we were finally at Bass Lake. I love when you get that first sniff of the lake. We spent the rest of the afternoon setting up camp. We had 2 campsites and managed to fit 4 tents on one and 2 tents on the other and our tables and easy-ups. By the time we were done the kids were begging to get to the water so we threw on their suits and scoped out a nice spot on the shore that we would claim for the next few days.

Our spot was directly across the lake from Ducey's. 
 The kids don't even hesitate to get in.

Our campsites were right next to the road and the walking trail to The Forks Store and Restaurant. After an hour or so at the lake we walked over to The Forks for the famous Forks Burgers. Just as good as we remember.

The next day was spent at the lake. Even though we were camping we still managed to get a late start each day. When you have 14 people to get ready and feed every morning, it takes awhile.

Like the last few years, on the second night of Bass Lake we celebrate Schmonky's birthday. This year he turned 5 and was showered with lovely gifts from his family. He passed out cosmic brownies to everyone.

The mustache lights up and that gift card had a whopping $0.67 on it! 
 After we celebrated Schmonkey it was time for the annual talent show!

The girls and I demonstrated a new language that we mastered. MINION! Uncle Tommy told a spooky story all about the Bates-like motel he stayed in on Friday night. The McGomez' gave us the top 5 tips for going #2. Yes #2. The CuCoGo made an amazing shrinking and growing machine! Tata shared some of Nana's delicious soup with all the kids. Which was lovely until Nana came to check on the pot and we found out it was chonies soaking! The CuCoGo's were the big winners of the night! So the girls and I had to give up the trophy. Don't get use to it CuCoGo's we are coming back for it next year!

The girls really loved tent camping.

They slept like champs every night.

The lazy days on the lake swimming, jet skiing, reading, talking, drinking are seriously the best thing ever.

And the night's listening to the kids be silly, playing cards and roasting marshmallows are pretty amazing too.

Sunday was the Gold Cup soccer game so we left the lake a bit early and headed to Millers for an early dinner and to watch the game. The Hernandez family were also camping at Lupine so they met up with us for the game. I love being at Bass Lake with them. We were with them on our first trip in 1987 and almost all years since.

Before the game we had all showered and we all felt a lot better.

The night after a trip to the grocery store we celebrated my Pop's 62nd Birthday with a chocolate cream pie.

The food was delicious and the lake was fantastic. The weather was picture perfect....

Except the fire that broke out on Saturday and burned the whole time we were there. There were big planes and helicopters flying overhead everyday. We even took Louie on a jetski ride to the dam so she could see the helicopters refill. Louie loved the jet ski ride. Phi refused to go more than 5 miles per hour.

We spent one morning at The Pines.

World's Best Babysitter

 Seeing the kids all together making memories and inside jokes is the best. A few days after we got home I told Joey that I missed Lili and Felix's laugh.

When you let the kids take a selfie

Our last morning we walked back over to The Forks for a big breakfast. And just like that our amazing summer vacation was over. 

These are the days people. These are the days we live for and will always remember. We are so damn lucky to get to do this every year with the people we love more than anything in the world.

Let the countdown to next year begin!


  1. You weren't by any chance at a wedding in Fillmore recently? Mike?

    1. The McKenzie Wedding? YES! Were you???


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