Monday, July 06, 2015

Taking it Back to '91

Ever fall into a totally random YouTube hole? It happens to me all the time. Today I started out watching a video of the Mexican sports announcer calling all the goals from the USA World Cup soccer game win. Then I somehow ended up watching music videos from my junior high days. 

1991 was the era of cardboard covered cassette singles and everyone sounded like Milli Vanilli. It started when something reminded me of that one song from the girl who talked in a real high voice but sang with a really deep voice. 

Of course it was Michel'Le with the song "No More Lies". A classic....

From there  I was lead to another classic song from that era that I loved. I can totally picture the cassette single with the green cover in the huge bulky and heavy briefcase cassette holder that I owned. But seriously doesn't this sound just like Milli Vanilli. They look like a bad-boy version of Richard Marx.

But then I was lead to what was my favorite song in 8th grade. I LOVED this jam by The U-krew. This cassette single had a purple cover. Because I grew up without cable TV I never knew that there was music video, but 24 years later I have found it and its mind blowing. Those outfits! Those giant hoop earrings! The super cool neon backgrounds. The sexy dance moves! The Key-tair! This music video is everything that was good about being in junior high in 1991. 

I think I love this song even more now. 

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