Friday, June 05, 2015

The Big Birthday Party

It's been almost 2 weeks and the girls are still talking about their "Dia de los Muertos" birthday party. We threw the party over Memorial Day weekend and we really thought that a lot of people would not be able to make the party. We were so wrong. We had an awesome turnout and our hearts will filled to look around at all the friends and family who came out to make this a birthday our girls will never forget. 

Now I am going to confess this, I really don't like planning parties so I threw this one together. I just ordered a few items from a party store for decorations and we went the easy pizza and salad route for food. My sister Cari and my Tia Mary both made salads and we ordered a ton of pizza. At one point we had to send out Elaine and Kelly for even more pizza. 

We had the party at my sisters house. Here is how my niece Lili and I decorated the bay window. 

Lili also made this awesome poster!

To tie the theme together I had prepped over 200 tissue paper flowers and bought a ton of headbands so people could made their own flower crowns. I cannot tell you gorgeous everyone looked and how colorful it made everything! I love the dark blue flower Phi made for Grandma Rachel's hair!

Look how beautiful my Nana looked with a blue flower in her hair. Also Betty and Pepe in the background make this picture perfect.

Even the guys were festive with flowers! Looking good Pops!

The girls were so lucky because Cousin Liana brought her make-up kit to the party and was giving make-overs. She is so amazing at applying make-up and even films her own tutorials!

We played a few games! We played a round of "Hot Ozzie" where the kids passed around Louie's plush otter Ozzie.

We also played 3 rounds of the Mexican game Loteria. I thought the kids would be bored by this one but they all really liked it!

Nana and Tata were so kind to provide a cake for the party. A beautiful sunny rainbow cake. Having a rainbow on a cake felt like my Tata was there with us.

And of course there were presents. Lots of presents! Everyone was so generous and we were so thankful for all the wonderful gifts the girls received.

From the bottom of our hearts thank you to everyone who came and helped with food and decorating. Thank you for celebrating with us!

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