Monday, June 15, 2015

In Summer.....

We are 2 weeks into summer and we have already packed in a lot of summertime fun!

We celebrated Tia Day-days 35th birthday with a fun surprise party!

Tia Elaine and Kelly announced to everyone that they are having a baby! YES a new baby in the family. We are all super duper excited. It's all we want to talk about!

 We spent an amazing Sunday in Santa Barbara with lunch on the water.

Phi's report card came in and it's the best one she has ever earned. We are very proud of her!

Movies in the Park started back up. The first movie was Big Hero 6. This is one of our favorite summer activities!

After we closed up the office one day we headed up to visit Poppa on the horse ranch. Of course there was a snake sighting and of course Poppa had to pick it up.

The girls have been having a lot of fun filming "The Sister Show". You can find episodes on their blog Punk Rock Kids.

There has also been playdates and birthday parties, library trips, summer reading programs, girl scout meetings, art walks and farmers markets. 

Summer has just started and it looks like its going to be a really good one! 

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