Monday, June 01, 2015

Louie Turns 5

The girls like to hear their birth stories the night before their birthdays. So last night after reading a bedtime story I told Louie hers. And I felt bad because, expect the part where my mother-in-law who was suppose to be on call to come and watch Phi didn't answer her phone for 3 hours, Louie's birth story is pretty uneventful. She was born in just a few hours after getting to the hospital. It was quick and thanks the the epidural it was pretty painless.

I think its pretty funny that Louie's birth story is boring because our Louie is so far from boring.

She is a party or a hurricane depending on her mood. She is hilarious and loves to pulls pranks on us. Like the time she hid the hamsters food from her sister.... in the freezer. She loves to dance to songs from Annie Get Your Gun and has thrown more tantrums in the last month, than Phi has in her whole entire life.

Louie is stubborn, independent, strong willed. She is an old soul who loves broadway musical, Pee-Wee Herman and Mork and Mindy. She carries her otter Ozzie most places and can't sleep without her blanket Kiko from Puerto Rico. She loves Elephant and Piggie books and has a scary good memory. She refuses to get her haircut and loves to give me a thumbs up with a wink.

She truly is the light in our day, everyday. Even the hard days.

Louella, Louie, Mi Amor, Morey,

We cannot believe that you are 5 years old. My tiny baby is 5 years old. You are our crazy wacko weirdo and we would not change one thing about you. We hope that you have a great day. Remember that we love you, all the time.

Love you forever and ever. 

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  1. This was so beautifully written! She sounds like such a beautiful and adventurous kid! Happy Birthday!!!


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