Friday, May 29, 2015


Today 88 years ago Jose M. P. Garcia was born in a small rural town in Guanajuato Mexico. Losing Tata continues to be a daily struggle. Over the last few months there have been days that seem impossible to get through. There have been days when I wanted to just crawl in bed and cry. I have only given into that feeling once.

I miss my Tata so much. When my Tata died I was so worried that I would lose my life purpose. Throughout my life I worked hard in school and did my best to make my Tata proud. With him gone I was afraid that that drive would be gone too.

Today I woke up knowing this this could be a really rough day or a really good day. That would depend on how I decided to deal with my Tata's birthday. I could be angry that he's gone and sad that I will never get to see him on this earth again. Or I can celebrate the birthday of a man who continues to be the biggest influence in my life.

Today I choose to celebrate and remember what a full and beautiful life my Tata was so blessed to have. I am going to celebrate that his blood runs through my veins and that I have the honor to help raise up 2 of great-grandchildren. I am going to celebrate the amazing family that my Tata created that I get to be a part of.  Today I am going to start a annual tradition of having a special dessert with my family on May 29th.

Today I choose to celebrate.

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