Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Louie Goes to Ikea

Over the weekend we had a few hours to kill so we made a stop at Ikea. I love this place and we needed more kids utensils. We haven't been in a long time so she didn't remember ever being there. It was like going for the first time for her. 

I am pretty sure she is standing on the sticker that says "do not stand on the cart" 

All set with her pencil, notes and measuring tape. I asked her what she was in the market for and she said a new kitchen. First Phi asked to push the cart, but only after a few twist through the maze that is Ikea she was over it. And yes Louie does not have shoes on, her flip flops kept falling off so into the giant yellow bag they went.

Then Louie discovered the little toddler seats in the bathroom. And no I was not going to the bathroom when I took this. I had already finished.

She somehow got some tennis practice in while we were there.

And of course in true Louie diva fashion she demanded some alone time.

We eventually found the pack of kids utensils we were looking for. Under $2.00 for a whole set of plastic forks spoons and knives! Louie carried the little package in our giant bag.

Those Ikea bags really do come in handy when your 4 year old needs a lift.

All and all I think  Louie enjoyed her "first time she remembers" trip to the magical world of Ikea. 
She never did get that new kitchen she was shopping for. 

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