Monday, August 11, 2014

Polar Bear Shaved Ice

On the way home from Art Walk we made a pit stop at Polar Bear Shave Ice. Pearmama recently mentioned this place on social media and it looked pretty amazing. It did not disappoint. 

Since we split one large between the 4 of use so went with vanilla. Unlike other shaved ice these are milk based so they taste like ice cream. They have some exotic flavors like green tea, taro and their sesame is suppose to be amazing. After you pick your flavor they will add all the toppings you want. We opted for strawberries, chocolate chips and gummy worms (because Louie wanted something pink). The last part is your drizzle. We obviously went with chocolate.

Louie just walked in and saw this picture and said "I want to go there again but get 4 ice creams".
Someone did not like sharing. 
 These are like no sno-cone/shaved ice I have ever had. As we were waiting a customer told us it was like "cold cotton candy" and that is a pretty good way to describe this. It is so light and so fluffy and just melts in your mouth.

And 30 seconds later......

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