Friday, August 15, 2014

Homeschool: Back to School 4th Grade

We officially went back to school today. It was more of an orientation day for the kids and the parents. The real work starts for Phi next Wednesday. We are continuing with the home school program that we did last year. Last year had a rough start, but in the end we really liked the program.

Phi is starting 4th grade and has the same teacher that she had last year. From what we can tell from orientation that will be the only thing that stays the same. New classroom and a new curriculum. This gives us some concerns of course. Last year felt very thrown together at the last minute. We were hoping that with one year under her belt this year would go much smoother. Since they have completely changed the curriculum I have a feeling that this year will go a lot like last year. We will be learning right along with the teacher so we will have to have a "go with the flow" attitude. That attitude starts now. We were told that this year we would be utilizing the on-line options for school and work. We had these last year but did not use them past setting up our profiles. The orientation packets gave us all the log-in info and none of it worked. So now I wait for the school to get back to me.

The bottom line will always be Phi's education. We are excited to be back in school again. We are looking forward to family field trips and fun projects. We are looking forward to studying geology and California history and reading new books!

Here's to a new school year! 

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