Tuesday, June 03, 2014

She Didn't Spill the Wine

Over the weekend, after 2 years of classes (for both Phi and us) and lots of hard work the Phi made her First Holy Communion. Our church doesn't require the girls to wear white dresses so Phi ended up wearing a beautiful blue dress with gold polka dots that her Tia Day Day found and her new Nina Irene bought for her.

Her new Nina Elaine bought her a pretty pair of white heeled shoes and made her a gorgeous flower head piece to wear.

Sophia made us very proud parents! She was great and even though she was nervous to take the wine. She didn't spill or make a face!

When it was time last year to pick a Godmother, Phi was really torn between Irene and Tia Elaine. So we let her pick both. I am so happy that she chose 2 such great women and role models to be her godmothers. They both are smart, and driven women who love Phi like crazy.

After the mass we all headed back to our house for a bbq! It was the beginning of a weekend full of family and parties! Phi got a few gifts and we were all happy to spend the day all together celebrating such a big and important event in Phi's life!

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