Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Louie's 4th Birthday Party

We were so excited to have the family stay over in our neck of the desert for the weekend! We had so much to celebrate. Saturday was Phi's First Communion and on Sunday was Louie's 4th Birthday! I was very out of character and did not make a big elaborate plan for the festivities. I figured we would roll with the day and fit in cake and presents in somewhere in the day.

We had a big breakfast, and had staring contests and "who's taller" contests...

Chone won!

With her Nana and Tata, her cousins, her Grandpa Bobo, her Nina, Nino, Tia, Tio, Momma, Poppa and Sister all around her Louie got to blow out the candles on her ice cream cake.

Oh this sweet little always dirty face!

And there were gifts! I love Louie's expressions!

And we saved the gift from her Crazy Nina and Nino and cousins for last because it was something that Louie has been wanting for so long. About a month or so ago, while at a toy shop in Palm Springs, Louie picked a little Calico Critter catalogue. She has been carrying it around and telling anyone who will listen that she really really REALLY wanted the Sea Otter Family.

We knew she would be so excited to open this one.

It was a small celebration but filled with so much love and laughs and happiness. What more could we ask for! 

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