Monday, June 02, 2014

May Books and Gratitude

I did much better getting through some books in May...

  1. The Good Daughters by Joyce Maynard: I picked up this book from the library because I liked the first book by Joyce Maynard. This book is about 2 girls who were born on the same day and the strange relationship they have. There are predictable twists and turns. 
  2. The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts: Of course I had heard of this author but had never read anything by her. Since I was in the mood for an easy chick literature romantic stuff. Since this was the first book in a serie I grabbed all 3 books from the library. This was a fun and read about a small mid-western town, a family of 3 boys who are restoring an old inn and 3 best friends. In this book the widowed Mother of 3 books store owner, falls back in love with Bennett, her first boyfriend. With a little help from the ghost that haunts the inn of course. 
  3. The Next Always by Nora Roberts: We are back in the same town with the same people and the story continues. This time we are following the wacky redheaded pizza restaurant owner, and the uptight, always on schedule Owen. In this book these opposites attract and eventually fall in love. 
  4. The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts: the last book of the series revolves around Hope, the innkeeper and the last single brother Ryder. From the moment Hop laid eyes on Ryder there was an undeniable chemistry. It takes Ryder a lot longer to figure out what that feeling was. The trilogy ends with a big happy bow and everyone living happily every after! 
  5. The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo: this was a book that I read with Phi for her class. A sweet story about a little mouse with a big heart and nerves of steel. His love for the Princess Pea makes him brave enough to stand up to the evilest of rats!
  6. The First Phone Call from Heaven by Mitch Albom: I have been a fan of his books for a long time. So far none of them have been as good as Tuesdays with Morrie. This one is a strange story about a journalist who is sent to a small mid-western town when a few people start receiving calls from dead relatives in heaven. A widowed father is recently released from prison and his makes it his mission to disprove that the calls are really coming from heaven. 
May's Gratitude

May 1: Fun day at the Kids Circus with the troop
May 2: Avocado Season
May 3: Becoming Godparents to Felix
May 4: New places to explore
May 5: Sunny Days
May 6: Phi's teacher
May 7: Being Momma to these 2
May 8: Fun sponsored blog posts
May 9: Dinner with my Mother In Law
May 10: Letting her get dirty
May 11: My amazing Mother
May 12: That their fish is still alive
May 13: Small notes passed with Phi
May 14: An afternoon at the zoo with my girls
May 15: A night out with friends
May 16: Family Movie Night
May 17: the nap I got to take
May 18: Selling the Benz
May 19: Louie's new obsession with Frida
May 20: the last time for the school year making a weekly schedule
May 21: That Phi still loves to hear her birth story the night before her birthday
May 22: My 2 birthday loves
May 23: Dinner date with my munchkin
May 24: A successful shopping day for Phi
May 25: My big crazy family
May 26: Hand me down clothes
May 27: How well Phi takes care of Phi
May 28: that when plans get changed and we are stuck in a car for 1.5 hours. Louie is happy with a donut and movie
May 29: a free BBQ grill!
May 30; Luke Bryan!
May 31: Phi making her 1st Holy Communion

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