Friday, May 30, 2014

Louie Turns 4

We waited so long for you Louie....

June 2010

You were so worth the wait

May 2014
How in the world can it be your 4th birthday??? 

Louie you still are the wild child. You are a mini replica of your crazy Nina Day-day. You are now at an age that I can remember your Nina being and I swear I get deja-vu sometimes. You are quick to cry when something doesn't go your way, but at the same time you are just as quick to start laughing. Especially if there is a butt joke involved. You are constantly surprising me at the things and words you know. Right now your favorite word is "absolutely". You even like to answer questions with an enthusiastic "absolutely not".  

We love you like crazy. You can drive us bonkers, but one big hug from you is worth all the aggravation you like to put us through. 

Happy 4th Birthday Mi Amor. 

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