Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Homeschool Week 30: Matilda, Measurements, Producers and Stored Energy and Field Trip

We are in the home stretch. Phi ends school on May 30th. I can't believe it's almost over.

We started this week with a field trip to the Living Desert. I wrote about it yesterday and it was super hot and miserable. We made the best of it but had to leave by noon.

For math we have been studying different types of measurements. Specifically we are measuring length, mass and capacity. After working on the worksheets provided I could tell that Phi was still confused as to what tools measure what and what units to use. I think that teaching all 3 types of measurements at once can be confusing. So a few days after the worksheets we did a measurement scavenger hunt. I gave Phi a ruler, a scale and a measuring cup. Then I gave her hints for different items around the house. Then she had to figure out what she could measure. She measured everything from my glasses to her Poppa's Land Cruiser. It's 4 meters and 41 centimeters long!

For Language Arts we have started a new book. Another Roald Dahl book! Phi and I loved the Matilda movie and we are loving reading the book. We are now 6 chapters in this is such a silly and sometimes sad story. We have also been working on handouts for the book. For this we are working really hard on writing complete sentences.

Social Studies and Science have been kind of boring. Assignments have been read and answer review questions. This week we talked about producers of goods. We also talked about how supply and demand work. For science we did a very quick lesson about energy. We discussed fuels, fossil fuels, stored energy and sun energy.

So this week is done and I think we have one more week of school work left!! 

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