Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy 41 & 9

It is my favorite day of the year!
May 22nd!
Today my amazing husband turns 41 and my spectacular first born turns 9!


You are the coolest and funniest guy I know. I am lucky to get to wake up to your very hairy face everyday. I adore you like crazy and I hope you have a really great birthday. I know you like the fact that Phi takes some of the attention off your big day, but remember you are the reason (well half anyways) that Phi is here and is such an amazing kid. So really today you have 2 reasons to celebrate. 1. you made it to 41! and 2. you are an amazing dad and raising an amazing 9 year old kid. P.S. I love you......

My Phi, My Lovey, 

I cannot believe that you are now 9 years old. Seriously it is so hard to believe it because it feels like you were just Sunblock Ocho with the curly hair. And now you are a beautiful, smart and funny pre-pre-teen with a pixie haircut. I am getting glimpses into what like is going to be like for us and you get older and start that road to teenagedom. I know its going to get tough but I hope that you always remember that no matter how tough it gets, how much you will think I am the worst Mom ever, that everything I do for you is out of the endless love I have for you. Because my goal in life is to raise you to be a happy and kind person. To give you the confidence and support so that you know, without a doubt, that you can do anything you want. 3rd grade was a challenge for all of us, but know that we are so proud of all your hard work. You are a rock star and I am so proud to be your Mom. Happy 9th birthday. 

Love, Momma

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