Friday, May 16, 2014

Dirt Road Diary: Black Mountain Road

So does it seem like all we do lately is head out on off-roading adventures. We are trying to pack in as many local trips in before the weather gets way to hot. 

Last weekend we headed up to the Black Mountain Road near Idyllwild. The start of the trail is about 30 minutes away. 

Louie is ready.....

We hooked up the iPhone and since I have been in a country mood we rocked the Luke Bryan (of course!)

We started up the mountain and found a clearing for our first stop. We do these kind of trips with at least 3 little kids. This means the more stops the better.

Of course the stops means a chance to take in all the gorgeous views.

The stops also give us time to quench the thirst and snack a little.

And of course stretch out legs. And by stretch we mean climb big rock.

I swear when my kids are adults and think about me when they were kids this is the image they will have in their head....

For Easter Louie got a little sand toy pack. She was very excited to pack it in the Cruiser and use it. She did not mind that there were wasn't any sand. Dirt worked just as well.

We drove some more and Matt found us this little area. You climb to the top of a rock and there is a fence with the most amazing views. We were literally above the clouds.

And yes this makes me extremely nervous.

Don't let the serious look fool you. He is not contemplating life, he is most likely wondering if there are any pretzels left.

Pretty sure I was yelling at him to get down while taking this picture.

We reached the end of the trail and turned around and made our way back down. I love how we can drive down the same road and see so much you missed the first time around. On the way down we even saw 2 deer.

After we made it off Black Mountain Road we made a quick stop at Lake Fulmor. The sun was starting to set and the clouds were rolling in. It gave this lake a really creepy horror movie vibe.

For Mother's Day Joey and the girls gave me a Ion Air Pro camera. A sport camera that would let me take video of our offroading trips. (who was this gift really for?) I still need to get a mount but here is the first video. 

Dirt Road Diary- Black Mountain Road from Elissa Lerma on Vimeo.

To see this video even better click on the HD next to the volume. 

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