Friday, January 17, 2014

We don't always disagree, but when we do its over a big ugly car.

While Phi and I were having a grand old time at the Girl Scout Expo last weekend, Louie and Joey were out in San Diego, eating tacos and buying a car. Now I knew that Joey had been itching to get some kind of land crusier. He spent every night on Craigslist looking at ads. Plus his BFF practically collects them. But then again his BFF also has a red beard so yea.....

 But I was still shocked that he decided to drain our newly plumped savings account for one.  This was a big ticket purchase and one I thought we would both have to vote yes on. Well I was wrong, AND so I was pissed.

Here is basically the highlights of our disagreement...

(It's crazy how much I sound like my Mom and Joey sounds like my Pops.) 

So almost a week has passed since this monstrosity came into our lives. And even though I get in a mean comment about the car whenever I can, we have just kind of agreed to disagree and each of us will wait for a good "I told you so" moment to come out of this. I am sure Joey will get his when we pack for vacation and have so much space. And I will get mine when the hot water heater needs to be replaced and we don't have the money in the saving for it. 

So... anyone want to buy a 1980 Benz??? 


  1. What is this, the HuffPo? That was the most biased hatchet piece I've ever read.
    1st, you choose the worst pic of it. Like ever.
    2nd, you edit said pic to make it look worse than it really is.
    3rd, you attack my viking beard, forged of fire.
    4th you suck!

    I have an idea, how about you be a team player and take good pics of the benz so we can sell it.

  2. Somehow I feel this blog needs an update....


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