Thursday, January 16, 2014

"You know for Some Reason"

It's funny how kids go through phases of phrases. Both girls are overusing different expressions these days.

For Phi it seems like every sentence out of her mouth starts with "for some reason...". All day we hear things like....

"for some reason I'm hungry"
"for some reason my cup is empty"
"for some reason I like to draw"
"for some reason all my pencils are gone"

It takes all we have not to tell her "there's always a reason!"

And little Louie throws in the phrase "you know" every chance she gets. And she says it with such attitude. Some of her gems are.....

"there is Netflix you know"
"you know I have to wear a purple shirt"
"you're my Mom you know"
"you know my Poppa has a beard"

We have to restrain ourselves from telling her "YES, we know!"


  1. "for some reason, you know!" I remember when our now 20 year old granddaughter, adopted "whatever", she was about 3. I still associated that phrase with her.

  2. Tawny9:47 AM

    When my daughter was about 4, she started saying "No, thank you" every time she said no. While it was a polite thing to say, it was funny at times. Once we were on the rocky boat to Catalina Island and I thought she looked a little sick. I asked her if she wanted to throw up and she said, "no, thank you." LOL


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