Thursday, December 26, 2013

Emotion Filled

The Monday before Christmas was filled with lots of emotions. That morning I gathered with my family to say good-bye to my Great-Tio Sabino. My Tata's younger brother passed away and I went with my parents to the funeral at our old church. The same building where my parents made their 1st Communions, where they got married, where me and all my sisters were baptized, where I spent many years in catechism classes and made my 1st communion standing next to my cousin Patty in matching dresses.

I have many memories of growing up with my Tio Sabino and his family. Many family parties where we would run around their backyard and hit pinatas hanging from the tree in the front of the house. It was an emotional mass. My heart hurt for my Tata, and my Mom and Tias and Tio Sabino's children and grandchildren. The eulogy was a beautiful portrait of the wonderful man my Tio was and that life is so beautiful.

Monday was also my best friend Crissy's son's 5th birthday. After the services Joey and the girls picked me up and we met up with Crissy for a birthday celebration. It has been becoming quite the tradition to spend Eli's birthday with him! We had lunch and then headed to an seasonal outdoor ice skating rink. Yes ice skating. Now I tried rollerblading back when that was a thing and it ended pretty bad. I am not a natural athlete and I have a pretty awful sense of balance. But Phi really wanted to go and I couldn't let her on the ice alone and with my Tio's death still so heavy in my heart I knew that I needed to seize the opportunity to try something new.

I had such a blast! I did fall once but no one saw it so Crissy said it doesn't even count. Of course the bruise it left on my arm is really real.

 Phi, my worry-wart and over cautious one, spent the entire time holding on to the railing but she did it. And was so excited to finally be ice skating!

Our little ice skating trip was such a perfect way to remind me that life is beautiful and how blessed I am to have friends in my life like Crissy and Patty, who have been by my side for so very long.  

Rest in Peace Tio Sabino. Your legacy is in good hands with your wonderful children.

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