Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

This was the year. That one magical year where your child finally gets it. Louie was blown away by Christmas this year. She loved everything. The lights on the house, talking with Santa, and receiving gifts. We had an amazing holiday and part of it was watching Louie take it all in.

Every year Santa comes to visit the kids on Christmas Eve. He has a bag with gifts for the kids. This years Santa visit will be one I will never forget. Louie sat on my Tata's chair with him and was so excited to see Santa. He kept calling kids names and Louie whispered to me, "Mom do you think there's a present for me?". When he called her name her reaction was unforgettable. Complete shock and joy. Then as Santa started to say goodbye I told Louie "say bye to Santa" she ran up and threw her arms around him.

Louie's face and her expressions of surprise and joy really sum up our Christmas. Just see for yourself....

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