Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Halloween Recap

We had a great Halloween night!

Thanks to her obsession with Teen Beach Movie, Louie wanted to be a 50's girl. She rocked her little 50's look! And we have no idea where she learned to pose like this.

 Phi opted for a more goth look. She LOVED her eye make-up. Oh the teen years will be fun with this one.

We made the trek out to Canyon Country to meet up with our BFFF (best friend family forever) to trick or treat together. Totally worth the drive. It was an awesome trick or treating spot and we had a blast with our friends.

Joey and I dressed up as Phil Robertson and Ms. Kay from Duck Dynasty. We even ran into another Phil and Ms. Kay!

Joey really nailed his costume. Lots of people commented on his costume and he even got a high-five from a kid!

We went out for about 2 hours and the kids had a blast but by the end the kids were all tired and ready to call it a night.

And Mr. Noah was by far the cutest Master Yoda I have ever seen.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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