Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Homeschooling Week 11: Multiplication Tables, Deserts, and Chapter Reviews

We had a very light workload this week. The teacher was nice enough to lighten up on the work because of a festival at the school and Halloween. 

We continued studying ecosystems, this week we focused on deserts. Joey and Phi discussed desert plants, animals and climate and then Phi chose to write about the Sonoran desert. Did you know that there are more than 2000 native plants there?  

As with all reports there was a picture. We went online and searched for images of the Sonoran desert and the ones of the sunsets were gorgeous. So we decided to practice blending watercolors with a sunset. Phi painted the colors and then we cut out the cactus silhouettes and gluded them on top.

For our 100 PE Hours this week I totally counted the time we were out trick or treating and the 20 minutes that Phi played the Cake Walk at her school festival. My poor Phi, she walked and walked and they never called her number. I finally got her to stop playing by offering to buy her a caramel apple. 

For math we had to continue with multiplication tables. The more we worked the more I realized that Phi is just going to have to memorize them, so I changed up our strategy a little. We are working on one number at a time. We are doing any worksheets I can find and writing them over and over and I found multiplication.com and their great quick quizes. I just put in the highest factors I want her to be tested on and it sets up a quiz, times her and corrects it. We have just finished mastering the 3's. This is going to take awhile. 

Phi read 3 more chapters of Charlotte's Web but this time she had to write a summary for each one. To make it a little bit more fun I whipped up a form for her to us with pics from the book. As usual, in my opinion, there was not enough reading for the week. 

We also worked on spelling words and on present tense verbs. Even with the light work, with the holiday and a busy weekend, we didn't finish work until  Monday afternoon.

Bring on Week 12!


  1. to add more reading, get some non fiction books from the library of something she is learning about that week to read, or have her pick a different non fiction book of her choice.

  2. Another great way to get in more reading and writing skills, introduce MadLibs! They are entertaining and will encourage her to use those skills!

    1. MadLibs! What a great idea! My kid loves them and they are also a great way to practice grammar!


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