Friday, November 08, 2013

Dia De Los Muertos 2013

This year Dia de los Muertos landed on a Saturday! We headed to Riverside for the big Dia De Los Muertos celebration. We had been at a party earlier that day so we didn't get to do our face paint make-up. That just means next year we go big! Maybe with costumes! 

Louie has a thing for bikers. She was very excited to see a bike in her size.

There was the community altar and like we do every year we added our own piece...

One thing I look forward to is seeing Pearmama. I kept my eyes out for her. I found this......

Close, but then I heard "I would recognize that beard anywhere" and there was Denise! Her face makeup looked amazing! And those flowers in her hair! Gorge!

Homeschooling, Latina, Bloggers Unite!

We also got to meet up with Uncle Steve, Aunt Lena and boys. We walked around checking out the altars and the vendors. As usual it was packed with people. 

One of my favorite pieces was these giant sculptures by Tio's Tacos! The skirt and dress is made of the top of tin cans!

It was a great celebration!

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