Punk Rock Parents: Pendelton: Not Just Your Homeboys Flannel

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pendelton: Not Just Your Homeboys Flannel

When ever I thought of Pendelton, this immediately came to mind....

Last night I started down one of those weird internet paths. You know when you start searching for restaurants in Las Vegas and end up on the Pendelton website. I have no idea how this happens. I was surprised to see that, although they do still have some pretty gangsta flannels, they also have a ton of other striking and gorgeous things.

Gorgeous sweaters and skirts, dishware and even an adorable plush toy. Squeeeeee so cute.

But what really stole my heart where the blankets....

Ohhhh the blankets.....

I am so in love with these. Not so much with the price tag. The king size of these bad boys run in the $300's! My favorite is this new design called Coyoacan. Named after the city Frida Kahlo lives this blanket is inspired by the Tehuantepec area. The same style that Frida displayed in her amazing clothes. Swoon!!

I can't seem to get off the Pendelton website, I love it all!

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