Thursday, August 15, 2013

Boots and Banjos

The family met up at the Ventura County Fair last weekend. We hit up about 3 big county fairs a year. This is the fair I grew up going to so of course I love it. And of course I took lots of photos.

Louie was so excited to get to ride a bus! This was her face the whole ride. 

There is lots of things I love about my (hopefully, one day, keep my fingers crossed) brother-in-law Kelly, the fact that he tried out everything you could possible try and sample is one of them. Also I have video of this and it's hilarious but I am pretty sure Elaine would be pissed if I put her shaking booty on the internet. 

The Phi played with these wooden toys for about 20 minutes. I couldn't believe. No screen or batteries and she was still interested. 

She that look my Mom is giving Louie. Yea that look of pure love is the reason my kids will grow up to believe that they can do anything they want to. 

Elaine and Kelly had a little lasso lesson. The lady teaching told Elaine she was a natural. So naturally she is quitting her job and joining the rodeo.

In front of the Limoneira display with Miss. I refuse to look at the camera. And yes someone asked if she was a boy or girl. I can't help it. I love little boy clothes! 

The kids were having such a good time they even liked the floral section.

Seriously she purposely does not look at the camera. I have tried every trick in the book and if its a posed picture Louie is not having it. 

E loves K

For days before the fair all Louie could talk about was going on a car ride with her Felix. 

Luis' photo bombing skills are amazing. 

These 2 have the weirdest relationship. It's like they are both weird but the same weird. 

So these little kid swings had Dora on them, so Phi really want to get on. It had a weird height requirement. You couldn't be too short, but you couldn't be too tall either. Louie was just tall enough and Felix just made it under. So out of our family only these 2 could ride this ride. 

The big midway prizes were giant Bee-Do's. When Louie first spotted them she literally covered her mouth with her hand and then slowly said "OH.....MY.....GOSH". She didn't come home with a mega-bee-do, but Poppa managed to win her a smaller sized one. 

With those odd number of tickets left after rides we let the kids try for fish. Felix threw the last ball, it bounced off a ton of stuff and them landed in a bowl! His fish lasted exactly 5 days. (RIP Baraka)

My short stuff. 

My Felix, he is such a great kid. Not only did he have to sit with Louie on the ride but he had to keep one arm around her and keep her close to him so she wouldn't be sliding all around. He gave us a big sigh and and look that said "Do I have to?" but he did it anyway. It is easy to see why Louie adores him so much. 

These 2 love this ride, they get on it at every fair and usually multiple times. But I think Lili's face really just says it all doesn't it?

The table was for drawing your favorite fruit. Louie of course drew an avocado. 

It is nice to see that even our little city kids have some farming in their blood!

It was a great day. These 3 happy faces agree. 

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