Punk Rock Parents: Bass Lake Pics

Monday, August 12, 2013

Bass Lake Pics

We have been home from vacation for weeks now and I am just getting around to getting pur vacation pictures all put together! 

Bass Lake was a crazy ride this year. We tent camped this year and took a lot of our awesome family with us. The days were spent on the lake and the nights spent at the group site camp. 

Some of the highlights...
  • My cousin Lori and her family hitting a deer. Thank goodness everyone was alright. 
  • Seeing our Compadres the Quevedos enjoy Bass Lake for the first time with us!
  • Louie's first jet-ski ride.
  • The Forks Burgers
  • Morning snuggles in the tent.
  • The sandwich assembly line.
  • Louie and her frog
  • The second annual talent show (you can see a video of my favorite skit HERE
  • Phi swimming all on her own.
  • A cold Angry Orchard
  • When it rained while we were at the store and Chone had to move ALL our stuff by herself!
  • Family. Just being together for a week, rain or shine, house or tent. That it what makes our Bass Lake trips our most favorite time of the year!
Here are some of my favorite pictures.....