Monday, May 20, 2013

Sea World

A few weeks ago Phi's class went on a field trip to Sea World! 

When we got there Joey and Phi went off with her class for the morning, so Louie and I were on our own. We were in the park before anything was open and at 10 am we walked into the Elmo's world and had it all to ourselves. 

Then we headed over to the sea otters. Louie was very excited to see the sea otters. They were super cute. Then we stopped to see some dolphins. Then the dolphin splashed Louie and she cried so we moved on. 

We walked over to the stadium Phi and Joey were at just as they were getting out. So now that we were back to a group of 4 we headed over to the shark exhibit. Louie was totally freaked out at first. By the time we left she was hugging shark plush dolls. 

 Louie really really liked the gift shops.

We spent some time in the artic exhibit where we saw a polar bear, walrus, and a beautiful beluga whale.

If The Phi was a polar bear. 

Louie loved the polar bear dolls....

She loved them a little too much. 

We went back to Elmo's world to let The Phi ride some of the rides.

Louie's facial expressions are hilarious.

Joey and Phi got on the rapids ride and came back soaked. Luckily we brought her extra clothes. 

It took a lot of convincing but Louie finally touched a seastar. She was very proud of herself. She is still talking about it. 

We really love Sea World. 

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