Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Surprise Dinner!

It is birthday week around here. Joey and Phi's big day is tomorrow. But this year is a big birthday for Joey. He is turning 40 years old. We have spent a lot of time planning celebrations for Sophia and Louie (her birthday is 10 days later!) and of course nothing for Joey. I couldn't let this big momentous birthday pass by so I put together a surprise family dinner at the family's favorite Mexican place in La Puente.

I ordered decorations and arranged for cakes to be brought. I told Joey that we were going to visit his grandparents on Sunday but they wouldn't be home until after 5. Then later in the day I told him that Grandma had called as told us to meet then at Durangos. When we got there his family was there and they yelled surprise and he was really surprised. I can't believe I pulled it off.

I just wanted Joey to remember how much his family adores him. I could not have done it with the help of everyone. A real family affair.

And the bonus? Our BFF (best friend family) came out to celebrate with us. Joey was so touched to have them there with us. He had just said earlier in the week "when are we going to see the Quevatos again?".

Joey is not one who likes the attention, but to see him smile made my heart happy.

We gotcha babe!

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