Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Louie is still pissed at the Easter Bunny.

 Like every Easter morning the bunny left his messy tracks all over our floors. At first Louie was completely excited about this. She kept looking at the bunny tracks. Phi checked out the tracks and insisted that they smelled like candy.

The bunny left new dresses, books, princess block puzzles, mad libs and jelly beans and chocolate bunnies. After Louie went through her basket she got stuck on the tracks. Suddenly she was mad that the bunny had left such a mess. It's Wednesday and she is still talking about it.

The girls both loved the gifts in their baskets this year.

Then it was time to get ready! The Phi refused to wear the new dress the bunny brought her. Instead she insisted wearing what she wore last year. (pick your battles!). 

And both girls looked gorgeous! 

We spent the day with Joey's family. There was great food and of course egg hunting. 

Hope you had a Happy Easter!


  1. Super cute!! I love the bunny tracks! Stealing this idea for next year ;-)

  2. I think the Bunny tracks are a great idea. I love that Lou is pissed at the mess, too.


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